We are happy to announce that we will be featuring electronic bidding for all Temple Beth Sholom Blintz Brunch Silent Auction Items. Bidding will be done via your phone, tablet, or computer. Bidding will begin Friday, April 25 at 2pm and conclude Saturday, April 26 at 2pm. Make sure you check back often, before and after Blintz Brunch and get ready to bid high and bid often!

Some perks of hosting our silent auction online is that you may bid from anywhere, at anytime before the close of the auction. You can bid from your phone, or friend’s phone or even your work computer. (Okay, so we don’t guarantee you are able to bid from your work computer, that’ll be a discussion between you and the boss lady.) You get the idea, though. Also, you can set up to receive notifications if you are outbid and the bids update in real time – you do not have to refresh your phone / tablet / computer.

  • All bidding will be done via mobile device. There will be no paper bid sheets.
  • To ease auction registration, register online or send us an email before the event.
  • You can set up alerts to notify you if you’re outbid on an item by putting something on your “Watch List”
  • You can set a maximum amount for an auction item and the system will automatically increase your bid incrementally up to that amount if you are outbid.
  • There will be volunteers at the Silent Auction to assist guests with bidding. Look for them in the light blue shirts.
  • If you do not wish to bid using your mobile device, there will be a laptop available during Blintz Brunch and a volunteer can assist in placing bids.
  • You may also place a “high bid” also known as a proxibid with our Silent Auction volunteer. We will have forms available for you or you may CLICK HERE to print a form(s)
  • Just as we would at a silent auction in person, the online auction will continue if there are two or more people bidding on the same item, back-and-forth at closing time. The time for that item will be extended for two minutes. If two or more bidders are continuing in a “bidding war” the time will be extended again, and so forth until there is an ultimate winner.
  • By having the time extension in place, it also reduces the chance of “snipping bids” which are when someone comes in, right at the last minute, and places a bid to win. We want to give everyone a fair opportunity to win the item of their desire, while raising much-needed funds to support the mission and vision of Temple Beth Sholom.
  • All auction items have a value attached to them and a starting bid with proportional increments. Only bids which follow the bidding increments will be counted.
  • All winning bidders will be notified by email at the conclusion of the auction
  • The email will list the items you have won and your donation total. You will be given an opportunity to make an additional donation at that time and indicate how you would like to pay
  • Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal are accepted electronic forms of payment. Please note there is a 3% ACH transaction fee charged by PayPal and added to all invoices paid in this manner.
  • If you would like to pay for winning items by check or cash, please indicate this by replaying to the Invoice Email confirming the total donation and approximate time of arrival to remit payment and pick up auction items.
  • All winning bidders will be notified by email at the conclusion of the auction – Saturday, April 26 at 2pm
  • Volunteers will be at the Temple Saturday, April 26 until 5pm if you’d like to pick up your winning items. You may also make arrangements to pick up items on Sunday or during the work day the following week.
Thank you for your support and flexibility as we enhance the 55th Annual Blintz Brunch and Silent Auction.

We appreciate you.